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SMS by (SMS-ovi od) Tomislav - 15.11.2014. (18:28)
nazovi me ponovo nisam čuja mobitel
SMS by (SMS-ovi od) dgg - 30.10.2014. (22:36)
kako je kaj ima
SMS by (SMS-ovi od) r - 30.6.2014. (16:17)
SMS by (SMS-ovi od) klac - 30.6.2014. (16:16)
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SMS by (SMS-ovi od) Kameryn - 6.3.2014. (01:49)
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SMS by (SMS-ovi od) Joeie - 1.3.2014. (17:29)
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SMS by (SMS-ovi od) ana - 15.2.2014. (19:30)
SMS by (SMS-ovi od) Vijay - 8.2.2014. (11:42)
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SMS by (SMS-ovi od) Shankar - 8.2.2014. (11:23)
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SMS by (SMS-ovi od) Hamada - 7.2.2014. (05:43)
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